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QL600Kg Shutter Motor

Motor are Made out of High-Quality Raw Material available in market with Leading Suppliers like Yieh Corp. All Motor Have Copper Winding as per international standard. Motors are suitable for Residential as well as Industrial Shutters measuring 15m².

  1. Suitable for Shutter weighing 600kg.
  2. Mechanical & Electrical integration: Quick Assembly & Easy Maintenance
  3. Moulding Production: High Precision, fast efficiency & guaranteed quality
  4. Worm-gear secondary variable speed transmission: Motor wheel design, Shutter opening manually when power failure, large torque, Low Noise.
  5. Motor Design: Low Consumption, High Efficiency, Low Noise during Motor running.
  6. Four relay system for stable operation limit Position when Power on without debugging, always detecting motor speed, and running at constant speed.
  7. Limit switch unit enables precise adjustment of door in both up and down positions.
  8. Operated by manual when power off.
  9. Overheat protection. The enwinding group of the motor with overheat protects equipment. When the temperature rises to 140℃, it will cut off the power supply automatically to protect the motor. When the temperatures reduce to 70℃, it can be used again.
  10. Easy installation, elegant design, low noise, small energy consumption.


Model BA600-1P L600-1P
Power Supply 220V 220V
Rated Frequency 50hz 50hz
Motor Power 370 370
Rated Output Torque 412N.m 412N.m
Rated Current ( A) 3.9 3.9
Roller Diameter 127mm 127mm
Max lifting Height 6m 6m
Ambient Temperature Range -20°C ~ +50°C -20°C ~ +50°C
Output Speed 5.3(r/min) 5.3(r/min)
Rated Working Time 7min 7min
IP Protection 30 30
Chain type 10A 10A
Motor Weight 12.8kg 12.8kg


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