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Rolling Shutter Motor

Motor are Made out of High-Quality Raw Material available in market with leading Suppliers like Yieh Corp. All Motor Have Copper Winding as per international standard. Motors are suitable for Residential as well as Industrial Shutters measuring 15m².

  1. Mechanical & Electrical integration: Quick Assembly & Easy Maintenance.
  2. Moulding Production: High Precision, fast efficiency & guaranteed quality.
  3. Worm-gear secondary variable speed transmission: Motor wheel design, Gate opening manually when power failure, no blocking, Large torque, Low Noise, can normally operate at temperature less than -45 degree.
  4. DC Motor Design: Low Consumption, High Efficiency, no overheating Problem.
  5. Hall Limit sensor: Automatically detects the limit Position when Power on without debugging.
  6. Special Controller: Use Integrated Smart Control Board to connect with home Automation and Optional Accessories Etc
  7. Powerful functions: 24V Low Voltage Power supply, adapt to Global Voltage.
  8. Motor can be Integrated with Google, Alexa when connected with Wi-Fi Module.


Model Britech 1800
Power Supply 220V/24 V
Working Temperature -35℃ +85℃
Output Torque 1200/1800N.m
Work Duty 100%
Limit Switch Electronic
Gate moving Speed 8m/min
Remote control Range ≥30 meters
Max Remotes 20
Frequency 433.92 Mhz
Noise ≤60 dB
Track Set 3.3meter
Extra Battery 24V 9Ah


Sliding gate

Models : 900SUN4024

Swing gate

Models : 900STAR3024

Garage door

Models : 900HA12PP

Rolling shutter

Models : 900SW12200EF


Models : 900CT10224