We promote growth through technological innovation, implementing Kaizen techniques that favor continuous improvement. The design capacity is one of our strengths and the goal is the identification of solutions with a high technological content to be applied to our products. An office made up of highly qualified technicians, whose vocation is continuous innovation, develops projects aimed at satisfying new needs arising or induced by the market, resulting from the ever new technologies introduced. It works in synergy with the commercial division and the production department, for the acquisition of fundamental information for the creation of new products and for establishing the new technologies to be used


We use a latest generation management system that is perfectly integrated in all departments of the company, which is surrounded by a network of sophisticated software that allows us to analyze sales forecasts and, starting from the real-time collection of data from the production lines , evaluate the availability and capacity of the plants. In this way, we optimize the use of company resources to meet customer needs as quickly as possible, with a view to continuous improvement of all company processes.


Controls on processes and products are planned in advance from the research and development phase and are continuously refined and improved on the basis of inputs from suppliers, production and customers. All quality records, critical issues, preventive and corrective actions, photographic and measurement feedback are collected via the desktop and mobile apps for monitoring, then archived in a database that allows the entities involved to always access updated information and organize. Key Automation firmly believes that the use of new technologies and the strong integration of data and services is an essential condition for success, through the optimization of resources and the constant reduction of any waste and low added value activities.